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Bennett Hogg and Sabine Vogel - live performance with wind activated violins and flute at Klagshamns udde, near Malmo, Summer 2013

This improvisation uses the strong winds blowing onto the Baltic sea at Klagshamns udde to play two violins and an Indian bansuri flute. There are no electronic effects added, this is all direct, raw audio recordings. Sabine and I were able to hear one another through headphones, as well as our own sounds. This is one of several performances we made at the time, taking advantage of the powerful Baltic winds that were, however, very warm. A large flock of seagulls kept flying over, and I recall having moments of almost ecstatic connection with them, my flailing gestures with the violins, and the amazingly complex responses in the sound they made being experienced almost like sonic flight.

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